1950s Fashion

19050s Peter Pan Collar In the 1950s women chose dresses that were supple and feminine with full skirts and fitted bodices with jewel necks, or low cut necklines. Remember the Peter Pan collars, or high upturned collars that graced so many necklines? Waists were fitted and often worn with belts. Shoulder pads had become passé and sleeves were short.



High heels and gloves accompanied the sophisticated ensemble.

Nylons             Panty hose did not exist in the 1950s. But a well-dressed woman never went out barelegged. Thigh-high stockings held up by a garter belt were mandatory for most occasions. Runners and snags plagued women’s legs. If a run was small and could be concealed, she used nail polish to stop its progress up her leg. If the run was noticeable, the stocking ended up in the waste basket.

When do women in the 21st century wear high heels and gloves?





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One Response to 1950s Fashion

  1. margueritequantaine says:

    I love your blog. Although tending to six kids and on a limited-to-none budget, my mom was very fashion conscious and instilled a sense of style into all three of her daughters. I was born in 1946 so I was just finding my way in the 50’s but I still tend to pine for that era. For sure, the best designers copy from the 30’s-50’s period. Thanks for the memories.

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