1950s Fashion

1950s cocktail dress The Ballerina length evening dress, as well as the cocktail dress, has a trim bodice, slim waist, and the length brushes the calf; although suitable for evening wear, the dresses were more appropriate for less formal occasions, like early evening parties.



1950s business woman In the 1950s, it was a rare woman who did not own several pairs of gloves. There were short ones that reached the wrist or slightly above for day wear, and long ones that reached the elbow for evening wear or formal occasions. Gloves were kept laundered and meticulously clean so they would be ready at all times.


For everyday, the well dressed woman chose shirtwaist dresses with their blouse-like tops, narrow waists, and flaring skirts–printed fabrics, florals, polka dots, and cherries were common fun print. Stockings, gloves, and hats accompanied the outfits. A shirtwaist could be purchased for about $4.00.

1950s pink dress

What is your favorite style from the 1950s?

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