1950s Fashion

Marilyn Monroe Seven YearWe’ve all seen the halter-top dresses. They had tight fitting, breast accentuating bodices, that tied in the back of the neck. and were made famous by Marilyn Monroe in “The Seven Year Itch.”

1950s housewifeOn the other hand, most of us have seen pictures of women in the house dress–the uniform of the 1950’s homemaker. It was a perky print, polka dot, plaid, floral, or even solid color. Most house dresses sported the shirtwaist style. Ric rac that jaunty narrow zigzag cotton edging added an extra touch to house dresses and aprons.

James Dean And teens adopted jeans, or dungarees, when they roared onto the fashion stage during the 50s,. James Dean and other movie stars made the sturdy denim work wear a sensual fashion statement. The with-it girl wore them rolled up, and she wore them to school, to lounge around the house, and for casual activities. To complete the look girls wore bobby sox, saddle shoes, and their hair pulled into a pony tail with a small colorful scarf tied around it. Guys took to wearing tight fitting jeans and white tee shirts.

How many guys wear white tee shirts out in public today?

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