1950s Fashion

1950s pencil skirtAround the middle of the decade, pencil dresses and pencil skirts became popular. One of the most recognizable dresses of the 50’s, the sheath, made its appearance.






1950s McCalls glamour dressesAll three pieces had the 50’s tight waist, and a narrow form fitting skirt. If a woman didn’t have a perfect figure, she struggled into a girdle so she would look as good as possible in those body hugging clothes. The  skirts accentuated the natural wiggle when a woman walked. The average dress cost approximately $13.00.





Pink Poodle skirtPoodle skirts started a fad that still reverberates today. Often made of felt with the mandatory French poodle on one side, the skirt was full and reached the knees.






1950s crinoline slipThe crinoline slip, or petticoat, was an important accessory for the flaring perky skirts. The stiffly starched crinolines were made of yards of nylon net or similar fabric. Who could wear a Poodle skirt without one?



Celina wears a sheath to a friend’s wedding in my novel A Woman’s Role. Coming soon from Assent Publishing.Seal-1

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