1950s polk dot dress 2Polka dot dresses–did they originate with the polka dance craze that swept the country during the 19th century? Hmmm, maybe Christian Dior and his 1947 line of clothes did not originate the polka dot. The cheerful dots were on everything from evening wear to sun dresses to children’s clothes.1950s polka dot dress

1950s sweater girl 21950s sweater girlThe 1950’s sweater cannot be ignored. With the tight sweaters the breasts were emphasized by the conical pointed bra which is very different from the rounded silhouette of today. Tight fitting sweaters and pencil skirts were an undeniable fashion statement. They were accompanied by shoes called flats, a ballet type slipper shoe.

1950s hat with veil1950s pill box hatWomen were seldom seen without a hat–pill box hats, hats with veils, wide brimmed hats, straw hats, as you can see hats in every shape and size.1950s sweater girl 31950 hats 3





Men’s fashions and baseball are coming soon.

Watch for A Woman’s Role coming soon! It’s a 1950’s romance.







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