AWomansRoleCoverThis heartwarming novel invites the reader to participate in the lives of the Pasniewski family as they navigate the restless decade of the 1950s.

A Woman’s Role, set in rural Pennsylvania, follows Celina as she comes to the realization that the days of her life are dragging, but the years are rushing by. She is a twenty-three year-old spinster, chafing under her parents insistence that she find a husband before it is too late. Alongside her best friend, Pattie, she spends her days in a monotonous job at Duxbury’s, the local department store, planning her escape into a career in journalism—all of this in the man’s world of the 1950s when few women challenged the pressures of a traditional family and culture. Celina’s annoying but loyal older brother, Johnny, craftily manages to introduce her to a handsome Hungarian immigrant who throws her plans into disarray. And her elderly friend, Harriet, offers unsolicited advice on how best to live her life. After a fear filled confrontation with her employer, Celina is more determined than ever to take charge of her life in spite of family and cultural pressures.

After reading this introduction, what events do you think would happen in Celina’s life?



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